Catherine Loman

Class 01 – January 11th, 2011 – Base Map Tutorial: Photoshop

Tutorial 1

Assignment 1


1. Create a Photoshop file and prepare an image overlay – upload a jpeg of this for the assignment

Note: If you plan to use a different site other than what is in class, then you will also need to redo the class tutorial with the new site as well.

Class 02 – January 18th, 2011 – Site Diagram Tutorial: Illustrator

Tutorial 2

Assignment 2

1. Upload images from last class.

2. Upload In class tutorial – 02

3. This assignment shall be a lesson in understanding, drawing and representation. Show that you have an
understanding of the given site by creating a site analysis diagram.
Use what you have learned in the in-class assignment to create a legible, informative drawing. Zoom in and trace the main contours of the site. Your drawing should show the coastline, major and minor roads, bike paths, running paths, boat docks, trees and buildings. Each of these Layers of information should be drawn on an individual Layer.

You may decide to use color fields to represent some data; like the lake, the park, buildings etc, while you may choose to draw lines (over varying thickness) to represent other data; like street and paths. Some objects may fills and strokes of different thicknesses and fill colors. Imagine that you are creating a base map over which analysis data can be added.

Now that the site has been reduced to the essential information, show that you have an understanding of the site’s context to analyze and represent the effective data. Use lines/curves, arrows and fills to represent information like: major and minor traffic flow (cars, bikes, boats, pedestrians), prevailing wind direction (for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) and all of the above.

Class 03 – January 25th, 2011 – Site Plan Tutorial: AutoCad

Tutorial 3

Assignment 3

Class 04 – February 1st, 2011 – 3D Wireframe Tutorial: AutoCad

Tutorial 4

Assignment 4

Class 06 – February 8th, 2011 – 3D Massing Tutorial: Rhino

Tutorial 5

Assignment 5

Class 06 – February 15th, 2011 – 3D Detail Tutorial: Rhino

Tutorial 6

Assignment 6

Class 07 – February 22nd, 2011 – Presentation Tutorial: Rhino _ Photoshop

Tutorial 7

Assignment 7

Class 08 – March 1st, 2011 – Midterm Review

Midterm Presentation Board

Class 09 – March 8th, 2011 – Fabrication Preparation Tutorial: Rhino

Tutorial 8

Assignment 8

NO CLASS!!!!!!! – March 15th, 2011

Class 10 – March 22nd, 2011 – Laser Cut & Fabrication

Tutorial 9
Assignment 9

Class 11 – March 29th, 2011 – Visualization Tutorial: 3DS Max Design

Tutorial 10

Assignment 10

Class 12 – April 5th, 2011 – Visualization Tutorial: 3DS Max Design

Tutorial 11

Assignment 11


Class 13 – April 12th, 2011 – Animation Tutorial: 3DS Max Design _ Adobe Premiere

Tutorial 12

Assignment 12

Class 14 – April 29th, 2011 – Video Editing Tutorial: Adobe Premiere and Basic Timeline in Adobe Flash

Tutorial 13
Assignment 13

Class 15 – May, 2011 – Final Review

Final Animation