I Course Spring 2020

I Course Spring 2020

Course Description:

This course will focus on using digital software and machines for analysis, design, and fabrication. These tools will be applied to a research problem. Computer software explored is Grasshopper 3D and several plug-ins. Machines explored are various types of 3D printers. The research problem should fit in a 9” cube.

Professor: Alphonso Peluso

Email: peluso@iit.edu

Syllabus: Peluso_I_Course_Syllabus


Autodesk Generative Design Teaser Video:


Class Tutorials and Assignments:

Class-01:  Course Introduction
What is this course about? What are we trying to achieve? How will we achieve it?

Assignment 01:



Class-02: Present possible research problems _ VDF , Viable, Desirable, and Feasible

Assignment 02:



Class-03: Data Visualization _ Student Team Presentations

Assignment 03:



Class-04: Generative Design _ Student Team Presentations

Assignment 04:



Class-05: 3D Printing Basics _ Student Team Presentations _ Idea Shop Authorization

Assignment 05:



Class-06: Computational Analysis + 3D Printing

Assignment 06: