DM3 Spring 2021

DM3 Spring 2021

Course Description:

In this course, students build upon their knowledge of Interior Architecture digital workflow by investigating the use of applications used for design, visualization, and presentation. This course will build upon two- and three-dimensional representation skills learned in Digital Media for InArch I and II. Projects present further opportunities to explore the connection between digital files and physical output.

Syllabus: DM3_Syllabus_Spring2021_01-03

Professor: Alphonso Peluso



People Cutouts:


3D Furniture:

Furniture References: Try finding .3dm or .obj files if possible  (note: texture map sizes are very large, it helps to resample smaller)

For Mesh Models:



Weekly Schedule


Studio Patterns

Past Homework Examples:

Topics Covered: Rotate 3D, Planar Srf, Cplane, Extrude Crv, Boolean Union,
Mirror, Check Mesh, Review of WYSIWYG, Lineweights, Photoshop Color Fill

Weekly Inspiration Links:

Gensler Adobe HQ Redesign

Gary Lee Partners

Assignment 01:


Past Homework Examples: (note: some patterns where selected from their studio project)

Example 01

Example 02

Example 03

Folding Techniques for Designers

Tutorial Videos:


Class-02 and Class-03:

Offset Srf, Closed Solid PolySurface, Join, Boolean Techniques, Good Meshes, Naked Edges, Layer Height, In fill, Build Material vs. Support Material

Weekly Inspiration Links:

Sarah Kuchar – Faces of Design

Assignment 02


Makerbot Print Software Download:

Makerbot Print

Remote 3D Printing Instructions:

Remote 3D Printing Instructions

Past Homework Examples:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5


Authorization Schedule

Tutorial Videos:




Scaling up the Patterns _ Intro to Vray

Weekly Inspiration Links:

AIA Chicago 2019 Interior Architecture Awards

AIA Chicago 2020 Interior Architecture Awards

Assignment 03


Vray Download

Inspiration Video:

Tutorial Videos:


Class 05:

Vray Lighting

Assignment 04



Inspiration Video:

Eastlake Studio Website

Tutorial Videos:

Class 06:

Vray Materials

Inspiration Video:

Tutorial Videos:



Midterm Assignment


Past Student Midterm Examples

Example 01    (missing 6″x6″ drawings / photos)

Example 02   (missing 6″x6″ drawings / photos)

Example 03

Example 04

Example 05

Example 06

Example 07  (missing 6″x6″ drawings / photos)

Example 08

Example 09  (creative application of pattern)

Example 10  (creative application of pattern)

Class 07: Midterm Pin Up Presentation



Class 08:

Revit Basics  _ Cad / Revit Strategy _ Grids _ Floor (slabs)
Alignment _ Constraints _ Levels _ Profile Family

Assignment 05



Class 09:

Architectural Column _ Column Family
Extrusion _ Family Types _ Reference Plane _ Parameter

Assignment 06








Class 10:

Assignment: See Assignment 06. Also, Complete the PDF’s and Video below. Create quick renderings of the results. In addition we will have a pin up on Wednesday April 14th and Friday April 16th. All in-person students must attend. Please see the details below:

Surface Manipulation Studio: (2)Renderings of the Standard Guest Room and (2)Renderings of the Suite

Narrative Studio: (4)Renderings of the Retail space

Deliverables: (4)11×17 sheets trimmed to image (full bleed) Renderings should be complete with lighting, materials, furniture, and people





Class 11:

Work In Class / Desk Crits

Class 12:

Pin up Presentation

Class 13: 

No In Person Class

Class 14:

Work In Class / Desk Crits

Making Week

No Classes

Class 15:

Final Presentations

Final Assignment: