Arch 436 Advanced Modeling Fall 2017

Advanced Modeling

Course Description:
This course will focus on 3D modeling of complex geometric components in Architecture and design.
Concepts explored will concentrate on the advancement of digital design as an iterative process.
Various modeling types covered are: Explicit Modeling, Nurbs Surface Modeling, Parametric Modeling & Responsive Modeling.

Prerequisite: DC II or permission to take the course



Arch 436_FA17_Syllabus_REV


Alphonso Peluso:

Past Final Examples:

Past Student Work – Arch 436 – Spring 2017

Past Student Work – Arch 436 – Fall 2016

Past Student Work – Arch 436 – Spring 2016

Past Student Work – Arch 436 – Fall 2015

Past Student Work – Arch 436 – Summer 2015

Past Student Work – Arch 436 – Fall 2014

Past Student Work – Arch 436 – Summer 2014

Past Student Work – Arch 436 – Summer 2013

Past Homework Examples: 

Mario Serrano

Jose Carrillo Garcia (good graphic layout)

Jacobo Medina

Mikel Berra

Oksana Sutula

Yechi Zhang  (good final example)

Melina M. De Oliveira Sanchez

Bishrelt Solongo

Daniel De Souza Goncalves

Past Midterm Examples:

Midterm Examples: Summer 2017 (this is Summer Final but semester was only 6 weeks)

Midterm Examples: Spring 2017

Midterm Examples: Fall 2016

Midterm Examples: Summer 2016

Midterm Examples: Spring 2016

Class Tutorials and Assignments:

Class-01:  Introduction _ Interface _ Geometry Types _ Nurbs _ 2D Polygons _ Tessellations (Rhino)

Assignment 01 – Arch 436_HW01

Reading 01

Polyhedra Primer Ch1, Pearce & Pearce
Polyhedra Primer Ch2, Pearce & Pearce




Resource Materials:
Ch2 T. W. Sederberg, BYU, Computer Aided Geometric Design Course Notes
Ch6 T. W. Sederberg, BYU, Computer Aided Geometric Design Course Notes
History of splines – NURBS – WikiHelp
LOFTING DUCKS, Spline Weights
Non-uniform rational B-spline – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nurbs Curve A Guide for the Uninitiated
Rhinoceros – What is NURBS_
Tessellations-Linda Pearce-Cal State
Rotational symmetry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tessellations by Recognizable Figures – EscherMath


Class-02:  Surface Modeling _ Polyhedra _ Folded Plate Tessellations ( Rhino ) _ Intro to Paneling Tools (Grasshopper)

Polyhedra Primer Ch3, Pearce & Pearce
Structure Systems-Surface Active-Heino Engel
Function of Form Plate Tessellation FarshidMoussavi

Resource Material:
The Platonic Solids

Assignment-02 – Arch 436_HW02







Class-03:  Shell Structures _ Domes _ Pneumatic Membrane Tessellations ( Rhino ) _
Tower Case Study 01

In-Class Case Study-01: Shadow Pavilion

In-Class Case Study-02:  Selfridges Department Store Future Systems Architects 

In-Class Case Study-03: MAD Architects Absolute Towers

Function of Form-Shell Systems-Farshid Moussavi
Structure Systems-Shell Structures-Heino Engel
Function of Form-Pneumatic Membranes-Farshid Moussavi
Structure Systems-Pneumatic Structures-Heino Engel

Resource Material:

Assignment-03 – Arch-436_HW03

Shell Structure Tessellations Videos





Pneumatic Membrane Tessellation Videos:




Class-04: Parametric Shell Structure Tessellation _ (Grasshopper) _ Idea Shop Tour and Authorization

Assignment-04 – Arch 436_HW04

Resource Materials:

Interview with the creator of Grasshopper – David Rutten Interview

Open_Systems_Marco_Vanucci_BW  ( parametric modeling theory )

Shell Structure Tessellation Video


Class-05: Parametric Folded Plate Tessellation _ (Grasshopper) _ Paneling Tools Effects Demo _ Tower Case Study 02  _ ( Data Tree 02 )

In-Class Case Study: MAD Architects Absolute Towers

Assignment-05 – Arch 436_HW05

Resource Materials:

Video (Please note: At the end of the video use Graft Tree (creates a Data Tree) Instead of Cross Reference)


Class-06: ( Data Trees )

In-Class Case Study: 10 Hills Place Amanda Levete Architects

In-Class Case Study: Enzo Ferrari Museum Future Systems + Shiro Studio

In-Class Case Study: Soma – One Ocean Expo 2012 South Korea



Class-07: Case Study – Grand Musee de l’Afrique by UN Studio _ Responsive Geometry _ Weaverbird

Grand Musee de l’Afrique Link:

The Original Responsive Geometry Project:  Arab Institute by Jean Nouvel


Midterm: Arch 436_FA17_Midterm

Idea Shop Wiki:

Idea Shop Fixing .STL’s:

Netfabb link:


3D Hubs:     (25% discount for students) (create an student account first)

Recommended Vendors: (Christian Oiticica) (Chris’s Hub)


Class-10– Case Study – ShellStar Pavilion by Matsys _ Computational Form Finding with Kangaroo 2 (Physics Engine)

Shellstar Pavilion: Shellstar Pavilion Case Study

Shellstar Video:

Shell Star Assembly and Construction from Riyad Joucka on Vimeo.

Assignment-06 – Arch-436_HW06

Kangaroo 2 plug-in Website:

Daniel Piker’s Blog (creator of Kangaroo plug-in)


Reading: FORM_FINDING.pdf

Reading: ISS101  ( Form Finding and Analysis )

Reading: ISS201 ( Concepts to Constructs )

Case Studies: ENGEL_Form_Finding


Image Source:  The Engineer’s Contribution to Contemporary Architecture HEINZ ISLER by John Chilton, Riba Publications


Class-11 – Computational Form Finding with Karamba _ FEA ( Finite Element Analysis )

Case Study – Chemnitz Stadium by Cecil Balmond
Balmond Studio link:
Chemnitz Stadium Link :

Karamba Instructions: Steps to access Karamba

Assignment -07 – Arch 436_HW07

Mesh + Plug-in



Karamba Form Finding Video



Class-12 Parametric Case Study _ ( Grasshopper ) Arab Institute by Jean Nouvel _ ( Responsive )

The Original Responsive Geometry Project:  Arab Institute by Jean Nouvel

Todays Responsive Project: Al Bahr Towers


Video: (Please note the following :SubSrf is now IsoTrim, also at the end instead of using ‘Math’ a better solution would be ‘ReMap’)


Final Assignment: Arch 436_FA17_Final