Arch 207 DC III Fall 2018

DC III_ Analysis and Exposure

Number and title: Arch 207-01 & 02


Instructor info: Alphonso Peluso

Syllabus: DC_III_Syllabus_FA18

Course Description:
This course will focus on the advancement of digital design as an iterative process. Various modeling types covered are: Explicit Modeling, Nurbs Surface Modeling, Parametric Modeling, Generative Modeling & Responsive Modeling.

Class 01: Review of NURBS Geometry Types
Geometry Types: Points, Curves, Surfaces, Polysurfaces, Meshes
CADD History and Timeline

Homework 01: DCIII_HW01

DCII – HW01 Rhino Example

Miles Goll

Reading 01:

Polyhedra Primer Ch1, Pearce & Pearce
Polyhedra Primer Ch2, Pearce & Pearce


Class 02: NURBS Curves Surfaces Continued _ Parametric Surfaces
Curves: Interpolated VS Control Point, Degree, Knots, Domain, EditPointOn, EditPoints
Surfaces: Degree, Domain, Rebuild, UV Surface Space

Homework 02: DCIII_HW02

DCII – HW02 Rhino Examples

Yunwoo Kim

Daniel Allen

Kevin Koury

Miles Goll

Architectural Geometry ‘SURFACES’
‘Surfaces’ Greg Lynn and Mark Foster Gage
Innovative Surface Structures Martin Bechthold

Video -01


Class-03:  Parametric Shell Structures

In Class Case Study: UN Studio Burnham Pavilion

Function of Form-Shell Systems-Farshid Moussavi
Structure Systems-Shell Structures-Heino Engel
Function of Form-Pneumatic Membranes-Farshid Moussavi
Structure Systems-Pneumatic Structures-Heino Engel

Resource Material:

Homework-03 – DCIII_HW03

HW03 Examples

Miquel Herreras

Zhanhang Xu

Erez Krengel

Carson Reynolds _ 01

Carson Reynolds _ 02

Daniel Marquina De La Fuente

Jose Carrillo


Rhino Shell Structure Tessellations Videos:





Grasshopper Parametric Shell Structure Tessellation Video:


Class-04: Parametric Folded Plate Structures

Homework-04 – DCIII_HW04

HW04 Examples

Miguel Herreras

Daniel Marquina De La Fuente

Zhanhang Xu

Jose Carrillo

Erez Krengel


Rhino Folded Plate Structure Tessellations Videos:




Grasshopper Folded Plate Structure Tessellations Video:

Video (Please note: At the end of the video use Graft Tree (creates a Data Tree) Instead of Cross Reference)


Class-05: Parametric Mini Exercises
Curves: Trim, Join, Intersect, Solids: Union, Subtract, Intersect

Homework-05 – DCIII_HW05


Class-06: Cameras, Renderings, 3D Section Cut, Shop 3D Printing Tour

Homework-06 – DCIII_HW06


Class-07: Ultimaker 3 _ Cura Software

Homework-07 – DCIII_HW07

Link to Cura:


Class-08: Rhino rendering with Materials _ Working with Data Trees #01


Class-09: Working with Data Trees #02 _ Midterm Work -in-Class


Class-10: Midterm Presentation

Midterm Assignment REVISED – DCIII_FA18_Midterm_REV


Class-11: Parametric Urban Design Studies _ Grasshopper _ CONFIGURBANIST plug-in _ Part 01

Assignment 10: DCIII_HW09

Homework Examples:

Example 01

Example 02

Example 03 A    Example 03 B

Plug-in Website:

Plug-in Website:


Rhino File to go with Video: Configraphics_Evaluation.3dm



Class-12: Parametric Urban Design Studies _ Grasshopper _ CONFIGURBANIST plug-in _ Part 02

Configurbanist Research PDF: Configurbanist_Final-Published

Assignment 10: DCIII_HW10

Homework Examples:

Example 01

Example 02



Class-13: Working with Lists _ Pier Luigi Nervi _ Palazetto Dello Sport _ Case Study

Case Study Video:


Nervi – Resource Material: