Arch 108 DC2 Spring 2020

Arch 108 DC2 Spring 2020

Course Description:

This course will focus on 3D modeling of geometric components in Architecture and design. Computer 3D Modeling types covered are: Explicit Modeling, Nurbs Surface Modeling and Basic Computer Rendering 

Syllabus: DC2_Syllabus_SP20


Martin Majkrak

Lauren Mcphillips

Alphonso Peluso

Jeffrey Wigen

Class Lists

Majkrak – Class List

Mcphillips – Class List

Peluso – Class List

Wigen – Class List

TA Help Desk Information

Elizabeth’s Help Desk hours are: Tuesdays between 1-5 and Wednesdays between 10-1:30 Please email her in advance with your question and to set up an appointment. A help desk is a great way to receive one on one help in person. Remember you can always email your professor with a question.

Please contact our TA Elizabeth Cisneros – Email:

Portal Instructions:

Weekly Schedule

Class 01: Polygons _ 2D Tessellations _ CAD WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
Drawing Types: Hand, CAD, Photoshop, Hybrid Hand & Digital

A01: DC2_SP20_A01


Polyhedra Primer Ch1, Pearce & Pearce
Polyhedra Primer Ch2, Pearce & Pearce


Pen Techniques



Class 02: Polyhedra _ 3D Tessellations _ Rhino Rendering Basics _ What is Rhino? What is Rhino Good For?
Polyhedra: Platonic solids, Dihedral angle, Rotate 3D
Rendering: Background Color, Ambient Light, Sun, Shadows, Ground Plane

A02: DC2_SP20_A02

Reading: Polyhedra Primer Ch3, Pearce & Pearce


Pen Cross Hatching Tutorial



Class 03: Rhino Section Techniques _ Introduction to InDesign
Section Techniques: Boolean, Contour, Wirecut, SolidPtOn, Shell

A03: DC2_A03_SP20




Class 04: Pin-up


Class 05: Surfaces _ Surface Fields _ Surface Editing _ Rhino Cameras & Material Color & Texture
Surfaces: Planar Surface, Ruled Surface, Loft, Sweep 1 & 2, Revolve, Polysurface creation
Surface Editing: Points on, Edit Points on, Gumball, Scale 1D 2D 3D
Cameras: F6 (show camera), Camera, Target, Lens Length, Projection: Perspective, Parallel, 2 Point


A04: DC2_A04_SP20

Architectural Geometry ‘SURFACES’
‘Surfaces’ Greg Lynn and Mark Foster Gage
Innovative Surface Structures Martin Bechthold



3D Print Assignment

A04 3D Print: DC2_A04_3D_Print_SP20

Due Dates:

Peluso – Class-06

Wigen – Class-07

Majkrak – Class-08

McPhilips – Class-09


The Shop 3D Printing Protocol:


Cura Post Processing Software  (AKA)  ‘Slicer’


Cura Video:


Class 06: Precedent light wood framing structure 3D modeling.

A05: DC2_A05_SP20


Class 07: 3D Section Perspective _ Adding People and Backgrounds

A06: DC2_A06_SP20


Class 08: Collage _ Work in Class

A07: DC2_A07_SP20

A08 Pin Up #02: DC2_PinUp2_SP20


Class 09: Midterm Pin Up


Class 10: 3D Diagramming

A09: DC2_A09_SP20





Class 11: Parametric 3D Diagramming _ What is Grasshopper? _ What is Grasshopper Good for?
Transformations: Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Array, Extrude, Cap Holes

A10: DC2_A10_SP20


Video 01: What is Grasshopper?


Video 02: What is Grasshopper Good for?


Class 12: Parametric Surface Patterns

A11: DC2_A11_SP20




Class 13: Grasshopper Q&A _ Final Assignment Review



Class 14: Technical Drawings


Rhino Annotations Drawing





FINAL ASSIGNMENT: DC2_Final_Assignment_SP20