Arch 108 DC2 Spring 2019

DC II_ Systems and Assemblances

Number and title: Arch 108 – DC2


Instructor info: Alphonso Peluso

Syllabus:  Arch 108 – DC 2 Syllabus Spring 2019 – Peluso

Course Description:
This course will focus on 3D modeling of geometric components in Architecture and design. Computer 3D Modeling types covered are: Explicit Modeling, Nurbs Surface Modeling and Basic Computer Rendering.

Class 01: Introduction to Geometry Types _ Export 2D for Presentation
Geometry Types: Points, Curves, Surfaces, Polysurfaces, Meshes

A01: DC2_A01_SP19

Reading 01:

Polyhedra Primer Ch1, Pearce & Pearce
Polyhedra Primer Ch2, Pearce & Pearce





Class 02: Polyhedra _ Rendering: Cameras #02
Polyhedra: Platonic solids, Dihedral angle, Rotate 3D

A02: DC2_A02_SP19

Polyhedra Primer Ch3, Pearce & Pearce

Resource Material:
The Platonic Solids






Class 03: Surfaces _ Surface Editing _ Export 3D to 2DSurfaces 
Surfaces: Planar Surface, Ruled Surface, Loft, Sweep 1 & 2, Revolve, Polysurface creation Surface Editing: Points on, Edit Points on, Gumball, Scale 1D 2D 3D
Export 3D to 2D: Make 2D

A03: DC2_A03_SP19

Homework 03 Example

Architectural Geometry ‘SURFACES’
‘Surfaces’ Greg Lynn and Mark Foster Gage
Innovative Surface Structures Martin Bechthold

Video -01


Class 04: Extrusions _ Construction Planes _ Rendering Resolution (Pixels Explained)
Extrusion Types: Surface Extrusion, Solid Extrusion, Plan & Elevation Extrusions Construction Planes: World Construction Planes _ Top, Right, Left, Front, Bank, 3 Point Construction Plane, Construction Plane by Object, Project to C Plane
Rendering: Setting up a Camera and Sunlight #01

A04: DC2_A04_SP19

Engel Structure Systems Chapter 03
Moussavi The Function of Form Chapter 01


Class-05: Rhino Section Perspective _ 3D Print Best Practices _ CoA 3D Print Lab Tour



Midterm Examples:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4


Class-06: 3D Printrer  Post Processor _ Work in class _ Desk Crits

3D Printer Post Processing Software : ultimaker-cura-software